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ACID transactions are one of the most widely used software engineering techniques, a cornerstone of  the relational databases, and an integral part of the enterprise middleware where transactions are often offered as the black-box primitives. Notwithstanding all these and many other cases, the old-fashion approach to transactions cannot be maintained in a variety of modern large […]

This post is a second part of Ultimate Sets and Maps for Java. In the first part, we discussed memory-efficient implementations of sets and maps. These data structures efficiently support contains(key) operation. In this part of the article, we discuss more advanced querying: How to efficiently test that a collection of items meets a filtering criteria contains(key1) AND contains(key2) […]


Some time ago our team had been requested to develop several Java components for structured information retrieval. After the initial research, we concluded that standard approaches like inverted indexes are not well applicable to our problem because of specific business requirements. As a result we faced a necessity to design our own custom indexes and index processors […]